wassup dan?

By | June 10, 2010

Well.. its been ages since I posted something here. So, just thought of putting a li’l summary of things happening in and around my life…

Personal Life:
Got a new job, shifted to a new house, living with family now (living with li’l sis counts, right?), love life is good (I can improve, she is great), joined a gym (woohoo!! .. just gotta be regular now)  …

Reliance netconnect+ sucks, Airtel is still fine, iPhone 3G is getting old, looking fwd to the iOS4 potion to resurrect it, XPS is rock solid, Windows 7 is the best ever, Windows Phone 7 looks promising, iPhone 4 would be a great b’day gift ;) …

Didnt see a lot of movies lately.. most of whatever I saw sucked!!, How to train your dragon was awsome!!, missed IronMan2 (pls dont kill me for that.. )

Been listening to Imran Khan (Amplifier fame) lately and loving it, OSTs have been decent too.. ‘mora piya’ was good, ‘Kajrare’ is infectious.. how much ever u hate it, it gets into the head and refuses to leave..

this section is on auto pilot these days :) but takes a lot of time :(, travelling to work sucks, waiting for the buses suck even more, work timings can improve…

Social Life:
Whats that ???  (yeah.. I have been too anti social for way too long now :(  Gonna get back to the circuit soon.. :) )

So, that was all I could recollect from past few weeks of my time.. will try to write in some more over the weekend.. have fun!

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