Mumbai bleeding

By | November 28, 2008

Mumbai is bleeding.


It has been the worst ever terror attack on India till date. A few terrorist fully loaded with arms and ammo, just walk in  and start shooting people mercilessly. They kill everyone who they encounter, capture three prominent buildings in the heart of the city and turn it into a fortress. It takes more than 48 hrs for the best army men in the country to sweep them clean. More than 150 reported dead and almost double the number are seriously injured. This event is a scar on the face of India.

While at one end this was the most horrifying experience in the lives of those who were trapped in, at the other end different people took this unfortunate event differently.

Media: Like always media was omni present, covering each step live. Each television channel wanted to show the most exclusive inside dope before anyone else could. In this battle of TRPs they even forgot that the information they reveal can be picked up by the terrorists inside, and the fact is, that it did happen. On the first day, terrorists used the info on the TV against the military . Sad but true, some news channels even relayed rumors as true news for the exclusiveness.

Politicians: This was a major failure on the part of security agencies in the country and the current government. The opposition did not miss the opportunity to lash out. Politicians kept appearing at the scene of action and kept giving press conferences. They did their best to tear apart the system and appealed to the public to vote for them.  As elections are currently going on in a few states, we witnessed this exercise quite a few times. Politicians, like always choose mud slinging rather than joining hands to wipe out the terrorism.

Police/Military Forces: The Mumbai Police came to action as soon as they got the info. However, they couldn’t estimate the intensity of the attack initially. They moved in and charged over the attackers in a rush. As a result, some of the top cops of Mumbai police are no more. The Military was called on later to handle the situation but by that time, all the three spots were taken over by the terrorists completely. NSG and MarCo did a great  job and handled the situation with utmost caution and planning. Hats off to these brave men because of whom, we can stay fearless.

Mumbaikars: A lot has been said about the spirit of Mumbai and the Never say die attitude of mumbaikars. People and media never cease to praise the way, life in Mumbai turns back to normal in a few hours after the biggest of tragedies. But I beg to differ, being in the city for almost eight years now, I have realised that this so called Mumbai Spirit is nothing but the indifference/insensitiveness which is mis-interpreted or is mis-quoted. Life in Mumbai moves on a fast lane, people do not have time for each other. Most people do not even know who thier neighbours are. Life here makes you self centered, you interact with only those who you encounter in your daily life. No one gives a damn about whats happening around them. Be it an accident on the road or people smooching in public places it doesnt matter to an avg. Mumbaikar. And this applies to the bigger events as well. If there is a blast, people would contact their loved ones, ensure they are safe and carry on with the work. Yes, there are exceptions, those who come out and help others but thats only a minor percentage of the population.

I feel bad when I see the situation of the city today, more so because the above mentioned factors. There will be a few agitations now, the politics will be at its peak, some committees will be formed, new promises will be made and a few days later.. it would be all the same.

But I don’t want it this way.. I refuse to live in denial… I want to speak up, ask questions to the govt. get answers, ensure that we would be safe in the future and may be choose better people to run my country. As I mentioned in my last post, the first thing i know I would do is.. I would vote in the next elections for sure. I hope most people do. At this moment I do not know what else I will/can do to bring the change, but I will do my bit for sure. To help Mumbai grow stronger and to help her heal faster.

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amrita on November 29, 2008 at 12:43 am.

Excellent post! I totally agree with you that we need to speak up and ask the hard questions and not let go. Use all the new media tools and technology available to channel this frustration along with the desperate feeling of not wanting to remain in this quagmire anymore, to set up venues to make our voices heard, have forums with progressive and moderate thinkers from all sides, independent of the main stream media who have become worthless hacks held hostage to their TRP ratings with the commercialisation of the fourth estate and loss of all journalistic credibility. Make satirical & biting videos of our inept politicians and make them go viral. Mock them with louder and louder voices till they can’t ignore us anymore and go back to business as usual. If the middle class in India want to see their dreams of prosperity come true and build a better future for themselves and their children, they can no longer opt out of the political and social discussion, stand on the sidelines allowing the more radical and disruptive elements dominate the public bully pulpit. In solidarity!

danish on November 30, 2008 at 10:13 pm.

Very well said Amrita.

We indeed need people like you who realize the urgency of the situation and act accordingly.

Lets ensure that we would do our best to bring this awareness to the common man.

Thanks for the support.

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