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By | November 6, 2008

Congratulations, Barack Obama for being elected as the 44th US President.


History was created on 4th Nov 2008 when America got its first ever Black President. The Americans, ignored the differences of race or creed and voted for what they felt, was in best interest of their nation. America has come a long way with these elections and we can take surely take a lesson or two from them.

1. Every vote counts : This was probably the highest turnout of voters in past 50 years. Americans this time realized the importance of their votes and hence, citizens from each eligible age group participated in choosing their next president with a lot of enthusiasm.

On the other hand, India has invariably observed a low turn out rate for voting. Most people do not vote as they feel that none of the candidates are worth being elected as the leader. What they do not realize is that by doing so, they are spoiling these politicians even more, giving them more power to manipulate. I’d strongly recommend that one should always vote. If you cant find a suitable candidate, choose the lesser evil but voting is a must. Unless you do something to change your system, you cant hope for a change.

2. Race or religion is not a criteria : Obama is the first ever afro-american to become the president of the US. People ignored his ethnicity/race/creed and considered his view and policies to make a better future for the US.

Indians on the contrary, are largely biased on caste, religion, region etc. The politicians know this too, thus they take full advantage of this weakness and setup their campaigns based on these petty issues only. As a result, the real issues of development and welfare of the society gets sidelined completely. Its high time we should take a lesson now. We should learn to ignore these differences and choose the leaders who actually are devoted to the cause of nation and work for the progress of the country.

3. Accept defeat gracefully : I was highly impressed by Mc Cain’s speech after the results were declared. The way he spoke was pure grace. Mc Cain, despite loosing with such a heavy margin, did not get into the finger pointing mode or tried to reason out the defeat. He stood there with dignity and extended his whole hearted support to the new President.

Indian politicians should also learn to handle the defeats. Politicians here, if they loose the election, they immediately start churning excuses for the defeat, some start highlighting the bad in the other candidates and some just hide in shame. Forget extending support, they ensure that the elected candidate fails in all his attempts of development, so that the next time people reject him. Politicians are the leaders, they should be the ones, we can look upon to and get inspired from. They should not get involved in such mud slinging business. Win or loose, a good leader always looks for the best ways to serve the nation.

There were a lot of us who were hooked on to the US elections completely. However, I doubt if there would be half as much buzz for the elections next year in India as it was for this one. If you can take interest inĀ  politics of another nation, you can show at least some interest in your own. For a little reality check.. see if you know the name of the MLA of your own constituency.

My only point here is that, its for us to decide which direction our country heads to and election is the tool, we can use to mark that path. So, lets exercise this fundamental right, lets participate in building the future, lets use our tool, Lets vote.

I have learnt my lessons from this US Presidential elections and would ensure to contribute to the fullest in making our own elections a success. I hope there are many more like me who would feel the same.

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