BarCamp Mumbai 4

By | October 7, 2008

Bar Camp Mumbai 4 happened on 4th and 5th OCT at SJM-SOM IIT. It was a two day event, full of fun and learining and while crowd was higher on the first day, I feel that the sessions were better on the day 2.

This time BarCamp was more oriented towards enterprenurship and startups. A lot of sessions covered different aspects of starting up a company.

Rajiv Dhingra of WATblog inspired the gathering with his own story of success while giving tips on how to break out of the regular herd. Anand Lunia from gave valueable insights on how to acquire Seed funding, what works, what doesnt. Bakshish Dutta from Sun offered help with their special plans for setting up the infrastructure for startups. Aditi gupta from CIIE gave tips on brand buiding for startups and some gyan on the incubation process. There were a few startups likeĀ,, housie app by socialwebfactory and who presented a demo of their products and shared their experiences. You can read about all the sessions on the official barcamp site

There were some impromptu presentations too. The one I liked the most was by Appu and Vipul on Social Photo sharing. They highlighted why photo sharing is important and how so many people all across the globe are getting benifitted by such photo sharing communities. The presentation they had put up was amazing. Both of them are photography fanatics themselves and have their photo streams on Flickr. Appu’s stream and Vipul’s stream.

Another session which interested me was on wireless security presented by Sheetal Joseph. She gave a little run down on how security on wireless networks is compromised and what measures one can take to ensure maximum security. A copy of the presentation is available at OWASP.

I met a lot of people and shared a lot of ideas. The gathering was a mixed crowed, students, enterprenurs, techies, bloggers, geeks, management people, etc. and everyone had something to share. It was a wonderful experience.. I hope I would present something in the next barcamp.

The regulars say that this time the turn out was pretty low and I realised that most people this time were the first timers like me. I cant speak about others but I’m sure I would be a regular from now on.

Check out barcampmumbai 4 pics at preshit’s photostream.


Preshit on October 7, 2008 at 12:57 am.

It was nice meeting you, Danish bhai!

Netra Parikh on October 7, 2008 at 2:04 pm.

dear, why don’t you link this post at blog of Barcamp Mumbai4 (

Let others get inspired by your thoughts & experience :)


delltechie on October 8, 2008 at 9:47 am.

Nice write up ! Thanks for sharing .

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